Who’s Watching Out for You?


Boy, how the time flies.  It’s been over two weeks since I wrote that first blog.  I thought I would get back to it sooner, but I had to reflect on what I had written and get some feedback from a friend.  She thought that maybe I just hadn’t found my true calling yet and this was a transitional time.  I know back in ’98 when I had the same feeling, albeit much longer and more foreboding, it was followed a few years later by the idea for my bookstore.  I truly thought that was my calling.  It felt like my whole life had led me there and it ignited in me a passion that I hadn’t ever felt so strongly before.

But the Universe has been taking such good care of me since I closed the store in January, that I know the feeling is a temporary one (aren’t they all?) and there is something else brewing.  However, I think there is much more to learn in the interim.  Two different people in the last few days have heard me say things that they were kind enough to bring to my attention.  Both of these people helped me become aware of some deep seated patterns that I have that are being brought to my attention for healing.  Not too long ago, I may have gotten quite defensive (I still could, depending on how things are presented to me).  But now, I am grateful for a chance to look at things a little more deeply so I can move beyond them and not cope in my old, entrenched ways.  I can either sit with them now and try to heal them, or I can have the same issues pop up for who knows how much longer.

I think I would rather take the time now while I’m in this transitional phase.  Who knows?  If I would have been off following a passion somewhere, I may not have had this opportunity.  See how that Universe takes such good care of us?


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