Finding Myself


I am amazed constantly at how Spirit works in my life. Today, over three years since my initial posts on this blog that I created the year I lost my bookstore, I am led back here. There is a reason, of that I’m sure. Even though I’m not quite sure what it is, the realization just struck me that it was exactly four years ago today that I closed the door for the last time on my beloved book store. No one can tell me that being led here today does not have some significance.

Four years has flown by and by society’s standards, I have probably not done much in that time because I don’t go to a regular “job”. In fact, by my own standards, which I’m sure have been enmeshed in me by the culture, I have felt lazy. So one day not long ago, I ran a list through my head of all the things I’ve “done” in the last four years to justify my existence. But if I learned anything from all the introspection of the last four years, it’s that I no longer need to justify my being here. My reason for being here is to follow my heart and to heal my issues. And part of following my heart is to take action when I am inspired, which is what I am doing here today on this blog. If in doing that, I am able to inspire anyone else, then life is just doubly good.

It so saddens me to see so many people going every day to places they don’t want to be. How much happier do you think the world would be if we each did what brings us joy?


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